Truth Never Changes: Earth Changes
About Michael L. Kilday

Michael L. Kilday is a graduate of Boston University with a Bachelor of Science degree in English Education. He worked as a high school English teacher for a short period of time. Michael also worked for years as a newspaper journalist. For the past 31 years, he has worked as a software engineer for a large Eastern health insurance company. 

As a journalist, he wrote about news items that covered specific social issues and concerns of local interest in a succinct and targeted manner. Michael now writes more substantively on these social issues and concerns in an effort to help others to understand the more complex and substantial problems that face our world today. One of those topics encapsulated his experiences as a ‘citizen’ of Woodstock Nation as one who embraced the 1960’s counterculture. Other topics of interest have centered upon ecological concerns, a memoir of his formative years as a yippie dissident, a venture into the clandestine world of cult mysticism and Gnostic spiritualism, and contemporary political observations. 

In 1979 after a deep-trance session with nationally-renown medium Elwood Babbitt, he received a prediction of future Earth changes that pinpointed social and environmental upheaval resulting in: a period of world-wide deprivation and ‘tribulation’, global warming, climate change, tidal waves, earthquakes, and a pole shift. Though he was never expressly told those Earth changes were associated with the date 2012, the evidence gathered to comprehend their meaning led to that conclusion.

Throughout the years he has maintained his sense of wonder. It has matured into a quest for knowledge. He has the courage to ask: why not? And seek an answer, recognizing each individual has to supply their own answer. Realizing the quest does not end until all of the questions are answered, he ventures onward on a climb toward the Light.

Truth Never Changes: The Genesis of the Path

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